History of Akrodria

The Word Akrodria comes form the words akron and dris (drios akra).

In fact,consists all those trees that are planted or cultivated after the oak zone, which is the lowest of the species.

Historically, the akrodria dates back over 2 million years, since fossils have been found much earlier than human appearance.

The first historically official separation between fresh fruits and akrodrion was done by Demokritos and Aristotle, who called the "akrodria" the ones that have  rough or hard shell, such as blackberries, chestnuts. >> .

Nuts have been for centuries and continue to be an excellent food, rich in vitamins and nutrients, essential for a healthy body.

Τhere are many interpretations of what exactly are considered to be nuts, but for the most part are the nuts with a woody shell and edible flesh.

The name Akrodrya was not randomly selected as a basic Brand Name by N.Polychroniadis and SIA. Ltd.
It is a unique ideal case where history, credibility and quality meet innovation and modern practices, embracing the value of a company with a vision of always offering the best.


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